Days worth of endless complaints

As disastrous as this day was predicted, I guess I should just stop complaining. BUT, how can u not when you accidentally overslept, didn’t eat, didn’t pack lunch, didn’t shower, and didn’t mentally prepare my mind for today’s usual events. UGH. Can a person be so over a day? Well, I say yes. And what makes my day better is knowing that other people can cheer me up. I asked my cousin to spot me for lunch, so he forced his debit card upon me (I was refusing to take it). I ended up not buying anything because I’m so indecisive, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to eat.

I managed to find a seat in the Library 5th floor with an outlet near by. You know how hard it is to find a good spot around here on campus? Certain hours of the day, of the week, seriously is a killer because there are way TOO many people at this school. As much as I like the diversity, over population can also get a little bit overwhelming for a student. You arise with problems regarding parking, over crowded lounges, cafeterias, libraries. Actually diversity has nothing to do with over population. But here goes for my college ramblings. Spring break is next week and I have nothing planned; NOTHING. 😦

So before I actually start doing some school work and studying, I will sit here and ramble on and on about every little thing that’s bothering me today, OR simply express feelings and thoughts that have been crossing my mind lately. I guess that’s all pretty self-explanatory. UM, so I’m sitting here starving, but yet I don’t even know what I want to eat. Why must my mind be so complicated? If there was such thing as a disorder regarding over-analyzation, I’d most likely be diagnosed. UGH. I don’t know. I just feel extremely annoyed at the moment I guess. I’m just gona end this post on that note.


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