Words To Paint EP 10: Less is More

I was going through a spiritual turmoil. I just have had some really rough days and I guess I coped pretty well because here I am today, a whole entire, better me. Thanks be to God. Discussion: -Take 30% off Revinent Apparel (CODE: HAZ30) http://www.reinvent-apparel.com/ IG: www.instagram.com/reinvent.apparel -My meltdown and Fitness update -Biggest Lessons in life … More Words To Paint EP 10: Less is More


I’d come to terms with the word of the day, consistency.  Ever sat and wondered to yourself of all the experiences, of all the days, of all the seconds – how did you become that person today? It is possible to sit and take in each detail. How you got to that point has made … More Consistency


I am becoming the person I want to be. I am extremely proud of myself to be continuing the struggle and the climb. I am so thankful that He showed me the way and is continuing to do so. It is true what they say, you create the world you want to live in and … More Beautiful

Universal Feeling

Ever sat down in the middle of a busy area and just listened to the world around you? Ever felt a moment pass through you, but you can’t exactly describe the feeling? There’s almost always a sense of heightened emotion whether or not they they are happy or sad. You feel so in sync with … More Universal Feeling

My Escape

It’s been a while since I’ve had the strong urge or desire to write. I haven’t felt this distressed in my life in a long time and there are several people that are probably wondering my whereabouts, including folks that range from acquaintances to some that I’m really close to. I feel that the best … More My Escape

Dear Maliah (5)

Time and time again, I find myself wandering over here. Even though it’s completely random and spontaneous, sometimes I just have to let it out. That saying they say, you are your biggest critic, comes true to me. I believe that I’m the worst person at convincing myself things, but at the same time, my … More Dear Maliah (5)

(3) Dear Maliah

Dear Maliah, I strayed away from writing. I say it in almost every post that for some reason I find myself moving farther and farther away from writing. And I can’t pinpoint that reason being besides losing track of my priorities. Your death last October 2011 has significantly changed my life. Whenever I feel down, … More (3) Dear Maliah