My Friday before spring break

So apparently, my alarm did go off today and I didn’t even hear it. That’s how the last two weeks have been for me. Tough stuff. I’ve been accidentally sleeping in and it messes my whole day up because I’m all scrambling to get organized. PSH.. it’s spring break next week and I have no crazy/fun plans besides work my internship on those 3 days, I’m debating if I should go in all week, but that would defeat the purpose of a “spring break.” So hmm, maybe I’ll convince some people to go out maybe. Libertine round 2 anyone? Ha.

So I didn’t get to post anything yesterday because of how busy I was, but yesterday was overall a really good day. I was a little late to my internship, but still managed to grab myself a cup of coffee at Peet’s coffee and tea. Ooops, I just realized, I meant to buy myself a cup of hot green tea, but instead of buying that I got a vanilla cappuccino. Ha, anyways, I tend to go off tangent. So yesterday, during my lunch, I bought Subway and I usually don’t even finish my whole 6 inch and just give my leftovers to my bf. So as I was leaving, a bum was asking to help him get a sandwhich and I just walked by fast and told him I had no money (which is the truth). I quickly turned around and gave him all my leftovers and said, “Are you hungry? Here. Have a good one!” And he looked at me with wide, beady eyes, it seemed more of a shocked look than anything. And that was my good deed of the day. It was a great feeling, helping one person, even if it is just one poor person to help. At least I know in my heart I felt like I could make a difference in someone’s life.

OH! So after my internship, my bf picked me up with our pup Kahlua because we had to go take him to get his shots. And it’s a lot cheaper in the Valley where my cousin lives. We only paid like $24 for the shots and there are different sessions too. So we do have to go back. He took it like a champ was giving somewhat of an attitude about it. Haha. We went to eat at KBBQ with Kathy and her bf, where the workers there were being jerks and tried to not let us pay with card. Lazy mofos. SO anyways, we head back to Christian’s house and squeeze in some COD Black Ops and head out. That was pretty fun. Anyways,

More blogging laters, class is about to start! Cheers!

And hopefully today gets better for me. haha.

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