Pronounced “Hazel” 

What You’ll Find Here:

So you made it to my page. Welcome to all things Hazzle Joy – where real meets peace and struggle. I like to document random things and sometimes it’s not always happy-go-lucky, however, you’ll see that this page is your hub for all things on my mind and in my life (fun and professional). There’s obviously more to know than what’s on here, so if you’re still interested, keep browsin’ or hit me on the social networks.

CSULB Class of 2012. Photograph taken by Ken Soleta aka DJ KSole.
CSULB Class of 2012. Photograph taken by Ken Soleta aka DJ KSole.

Education & Accomplishments:

Letty Martinez invited me to assist her at the BET Experience in June 2016.

Hazzle Joy Andrada graduated from California State University, Long Beach in Fall 2011. Since earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with a minor in Sociology, she’s been paving her own way into pursuing her dreams as an entrepreneur. Her independence, drive and charismatic personality has lead her to achieve early accomplishments, such as creating fashion blog LipstickLaceandlattes.com, thus receiving recognition from Google in the first 3 months of initial launch; and corresponding for 365Voice.com for an exclusive series premiere of BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood and 2nd Generation Wayans. Watch her and her Co-host Bella interview Kevin Hart, Damien Dante Wayans, Chris Paul, Tatyana Ali, Keenan Wayans, and more here.



Radio/Podcast Hosting (Passion Project)

Her current gig includes Co-hosting an Internet Radio Show called The Layover Show on Traklife Radio, which she has been a part of since May 2013. She is currently Co-hosting, along with the Linz and Jae RoseTune in every Wed. from 8-10 pm PST. You can tune in on www.Traklife.com or download the free Traklife App (search in your app store).

The Layover Show Episode #222 ft. Bianca Avarela.

Public Relations and Marketing

She is also currently Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for West Coast Trends, Inc., the makers of Club Glove and Scheyden Eyewear, popularly known in the Golf and Aviation industries.

See ‘Portfolio’ for more info..

Purpose In Life:

Among many things, writing has always been her number one passion. She hopes to one day be a published author. She also  wishes to make a positive impact on the world one way or another. When asked to narrow down what she wants to do, she finds it difficult to answer because she knows deep down she wants to conquer all.

Photo taken by Bella Graham. Edited by me.
Photo taken by Bella Graham. Edited by me.

Ps. Open to collaborations (;

To contact Hazzle Joy
General: Hazzle.Andrada@gmail.com
Music: Hazzle@Traklife.com
Fashion: Hazzle@LipstickLaceAndLattes.com

Stay Connected
Twitter: @hazzlejoy
Instagram: @hazzlejoy
Google+: google.com/+HazzleAndrada
Facebook: facebook.com/hazzle.andrada
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/hazzle-joy-andrada

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