A New Movement

Quick note: Hello all, this is my sociology paper and I just wanted to share it with you all. Many may assume that I’m passionate about the movement, but my main purpose is to inspire intellect conversation. There are far too many issues in society that people tend to avoid, but I’ve never felt so … More A New Movement

Dry tears

I’m in dire need of a vent session. After all, my best writing comes out when I’m full of every kind of emotion. As positive as I try to be, it’s difficult to hide and push away the difficulties, trials, and tribulations that I go through on a daily basis. Yeah, I can’t take on … More Dry tears

Consistency is Key

There’s never a balance when it comes to me. I know that some days I feel extremely happy and other days I feel really down. I have a problem with consistency. This realization came to me a couple days ago. Okay, I always knew I had a problem with being consistent, but it’s really showing … More Consistency is Key

Money Talks

Life of a college student. – Need I say more? I know that money will always be an issue. Someone once told me that it will always be a problem and that we can’t stress about it. Okay, that “someone” is JP. He inspires me a whole lot, more than anyone can understand. But my … More Money Talks

Good Friday

Today’s Good Friday and what Good a Friday it is. I woke up feeling great and excited to head to my internship interview. Day by day, regardless of my hardships and financial troubles, I feel like all the hard work and dedication I’m putting in for my future is going to pay off in the … More Good Friday

Bitter Mood

Annoyed to the max. Irritated and I swear I will start my period soon. I just have no sense of control when it comes to overwhelming emotions. I wish I could tell you how easy it is for me to control them and how at ease I feel at times, but it’s not that easy. … More Bitter Mood

Monday Ramblings

Currently in the Library, just finished munching on lunch and I will ramble on with random shinanigans going on in me brain before my mac dies and before I actually get to getting some work done. I’m not even sure if these stupid outlets work near here, but I figured, I need to get a … More Monday Ramblings