Today was chill. Interesting. I got to hang out with my best friends and my boyfriend! Could i ask for anything else? Nope! Well me, dan, and Sandy went to watch my boo play bball at sportsfest. That was chill. They lost all three games, but he only played in 2 games. The game with Cal Poly Pomona’s Barkada vs idkwhatstheirname was a pretty dope game though. hella close thatsss forsure! Good game.
So lately I’ve been feelin all BLAH with the financial shituation. eh, =/ my phone bill will probbbably be cut off next month, sadly. So guess my contacts will be via emails, aim, and house phone. wack. I will like die without my phone. Anyways, not gona take it for granted! haha. LAME! Tonight I was supposed to go with Dan and Sandy to hit up some party in Westco, ‘posed to be crackin. Wonder if it is. Oh well. I’m kinda tired and I feel liike I’d rather be just chillen anyways. Got up early this morning and shiet. But yea. This week went by hella fast tho! I can’t believe it’s like Sunday tomorw. WTF.

Oh well. effin hw day tmrw. EW gross, what’s that. blahhh.

Hmm. I’ma crash real sooon, sleeeeepy.. wah wah wahhh.


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