At first, I feel hesitant to write about the inner most dark thoughts that reside in my soul. I figured it would jeopardize a lot of things like my professional life, my social life – pretty much the “image” that I “want” perceived of me. But if writing is my only source of healing, why […]

Win a FREE Personalized Caddy Towel & Get 40% Off Club Glove Products

Hi Everyone! I’m pretty sure every blog post entry starts with, “I’m WAY overdue.” But, here I am! Alive and well! If you follow me on all of my other social media networks, you know that I’ve been trying to stay extremely busy. One of the biggest news I’d love to share with you is […]

So Fast, So Slow

It’s been a while since I wrote and it’s killing me because my mind is jumbled. When I am so scatter brained, the only way I can calm my state of mind is when I’m writing. That’s for the mental game, and of course I’ll hit u the gym to keep my sanity. I’ve been […]

Rest In Paradise Dad

December 17th was the day my life changed forever. My dad passed away and I cannot say that I don’t feel a tremendous amount of pain. It has now officially been 2 weeks since and I only feel a certain amount of ease because my dad has been honored beautifully and properly buried. I haven’t […]


Wow, has it really been that long since I’ve written anything in here? First time posting in a while and the word press set up looks different. Anyways… I thought I might take a second to reflect on what’s happened, what’s happening, and what I hope to happen. It’s so easy to get caught up […]


I can’t really understand how or when the random spurts of inspiration come to me, but when the urge is there – that’s when I have to take it and run with it. Time always seems to move much faster than we anticipate. How much time are we willing to let us pass us by […]

Say No To Bad Days

I told myself I’d never have a bad day again. I wanted to take my journey to the next level by applying all my energy and time into believing and just doing positive things to progress. I wake up everyday happy. I’ve never been able to smile at myself in the mirror believing that I’m […]