a struggle, a test..

MMM.. Okay. Sooo. My Babes, took me to a Peruvian Restaraunt called Marios in La Mirada. It was pretty good! WOW! I am such a procrastiner. We went randomly because I had a cultural assignment for my anthropology120 class that I didn’t do till today. At least a page paper due tomorrow. HA! Anyways, I finished it in like 15 minutes anyways, maybe less. I wouldn’t mind going back to that restaraunt though. Steak was bomb! and the callamari, yum!

I absolutely love spending time with JPE. JPE all day everyday. Yes. It’s still never feels like enough. No one will ever understand anything through my own eyes. But the thing that does bother me most is that fact that people might jump to conclusions and assume I do things for a certain reason. First of all, I could care less about what people think about me, but secondly, people shouldn’t judge me for my actions; even yet judge anyone at all. I choose to do what I feel. It’s up to me how I want to live my life anyways. Shoooot. Sometimes I worry about what people might think about me and the actions I make or the decisions I choose. But what’s the point? In the end, there’s NO fkn point. I’m not angry or anything. I’m just throwing it out there.

And it’s really weird because I was just having this little discussion with my mom a couple minutes ago. Because she was like telling me how to manage my time and what not and I agreed to compromise. Then she called me overdramatic, so I told her I’m just trying to do what she wants me to do. Then she goes, but I don’t want you to listen to me. WTF. What does she want? She then realizes that this is what being in a relationship is about. I’m all confused and shit. But like, I guess she’s just trying to understand me. This is the first time I’ve ever been involved in such a real relationship and it’s different for all of us. I’m still learning everyday. It’s really tested my relationship with my mom. We’ve always been pretty close, but this is probably one of the challenges for us because I think she feels like she is losing time with me. I think deep down she is missing me a lot and feels like she doesn’t understand or know what is going on in my life anymore. Mom’s can be so overdramatic, she doesn’t have to argue with me just to get my attention, but it always seems to end up being that way. Things will get better within time, I’m very sure.

Just some venting I had to do. Been in me for awhile.

So. Now I’m supposed to be finishing up this counseling paper thing, but it’s really easy and I even have a 3 hr break tomorrow, so I’m not worried at all. And, the class miiight even be cancelled tomorrw, but I won’t find out till tomorrow morning. Yep. Deng! Spring Break is next week! How fast time is going! I can’t believe it! So trippy!

I guess I’ll go ahead and get crackin on that assignment now. I have an 8 o’clock class tomorrow morning too! So I should sleep soon. BLEH. UGH. School is so UGH. ANYWAYS!


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