My bffs and I!

No one can really define what true friendship is. But whatever your definition may be, it should include unconditional love. Even though I’m a major pain at times and/or vice versa (LOL) in the end it’s all nothing but love.

Trials and tribulations tend to test our friendships, but no one has proven otherwise their loyalty and love for me like these two. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I question, but I only question because I’m human, but in the end I’m always proven wrong and I know that I can’t find other friends that would do the things that they do for me.

It’s kind of funny how we met though because we’ve always known each other, but didn’t get close until later on in our lives. I actually miss them just thinking about all the good times we’ve had. And this year, I was fortunate to be spending so much more time with them than last year and I hope we don’t stop the momentum. I love them and regardless of the distance or whatever happens I know that no matter what we’ll always be there for each other. Yeah, mushy!

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