He’s a little monster, he’s a beast.

Kahlua Bailey

He’ll definitely suck you in with his big round Puppy eyes! He’s a Monster, he’s a beast. I love him dearly. I love this guy. His momma is jealous because of the attention I give him. Yet I don’t completely ignore her. Oh trust me, she has a personality of her own.

The pups eyes aren't open yet

Kahlua Bailey was born on January 12 along with 3 other pups. His mom is Roxie Foxy and his dad is Tyson (my sister’s dog). Roxie is a mini pincher half chihuahua and Tyson is a jack russell terrier half chihuahua. You can say Kahlua is a mutt. He was born a grey-ish color and a hint of brown, which reminded me of the drink Kahlua. His fur has gotten a lot lighter as he grew. He’s a chubby one. He has 2 brothers, Yoshi and Hychu (whom both resemble Roxie). His sister is the youngest, Ariel. Yoshi and Hychu belong to my cousins, Kathy and Ate Jena. And Ariel is my very good friend, Joanna’s.

So far, I have taught Kahlua to sit, shake, and laydown. We’re still working on it, but he’s getting the hang of it. He’s pretty smart. I’m going to try to teach him a lot of other tricks and I’m sure he’ll get them pretty quick. I try to spend as much time as I can with him and Roxie even with my busy schedule. I’m pretty much booked Mon-fri with school and my internship. So don’t tell me about being busy, busy, busy! I don’t know how I still manage to blog! Lately, I’ve been skipping the gym though 😦 It’s ben about a little over a week that I haven’t gone and it’s hurting me because I can feel my body hating it. Anyways, I digress!

Kahlua looking so adorable
Roxie and her pups
Me, my bro, and sister with Tyson and Roxie

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