(3) Dear Maliah

Dear Maliah, I strayed away from writing. I say it in almost every post that for some reason I find myself moving farther and farther away from writing. And I can’t pinpoint that reason being besides losing track of my priorities. Your death last October 2011 has significantly changed my life. Whenever I feel down, … More (3) Dear Maliah

(1) Dear Maliah

Hello fellow bloggers, non-bloggers, the curious cats, lovers, friends, and family. I know you’re probably thinking, “Damn, where has she been?” Or not, because my reality check is that you’re not thinking about “Hazzle Joy’s” blog at all. Wait, what? She writes? Okay, now I’m just getting carried away… I came across this idea to … More (1) Dear Maliah

Young, Wild, and Free

Being in a relationship during the transitional phase from late teenager to early adulthood is quite difficult. Those who have gone through the stages to early adulthood probably had it quite different compared to those who were in relationships. Growing independently might be more difficult or more easier, depending on who you’re talking to. There … More Young, Wild, and Free

Breathe of Life

New lifestyle when it comes to approaching relationships and friendships can be beneficial in achieving a more positive outlook for life in general. But what exactly do I know? I understand that there’s a lot of hostility between people that feel like others are being “fake” and what not. In the end, it shouldn’t be … More Breathe of Life

Old&New friends alike

Reaching out to old friends… Nothing urks me more than a non-response from “friends” who don’t acknowledge me “reaching out.” It’s been apparent that some people don’t feel or see that I’m a “true friend.” I figured whether or not distance or time has separated us, “true friendship” disregards all that and unconditional love conquers. … More Old&New friends alike


No one can really define what true friendship is. But whatever your definition may be, it should include unconditional love. Even though I’m a major pain at times and/or vice versa (LOL) in the end it’s all nothing but love. Trials and tribulations tend to test our friendships, but no one has proven otherwise their … More BFFs