Crowned King

Crowned King

Amazing isn’t even the word to describe You came into my life, randomly, like a gift, a surprise. Never did I feel so much alive. Always wishing for the moment that you would arrive. Careless and free, Breaking all the rules, no specific laws I abide Miracle you found me across the bridge, over all the rivers I cried. I’ve always imagined my ideal match Never did I expect such a wonderful catch. So quickly, suddenly my heart you just snatched. So quickly, suddenly, addicted, attached. Everyday so much joy you bring, I could never get enough laughs. Every second in time I spend with you would never be enough. To match the time I want to spend with you would still never be much Time stands still when we’re together, However it’s always moving, in all reality, time is tender. Leaving behind the single life, to you I surrender. The breakdown of it all, deep down from my pores to my soul, With your sweet and gentle kindness, baby you’re on a roll. Never for a second, did I ever deny the sun to my daylight, Yet in the darkness, you’re the stars that make everything all bright. Just being with you feels so right It’s your skin, your touch, your kiss I crave all day and all night No one will ever compare Truly, what we have is genuine and rare. Shameless, pure, non-judgmental, with you, I carry no fears. I’ll be there for you through good times and bad times, always keeping you near Your scent mesmerizes me I float high and light as a feather, feeling extremely free. Knees weaken, forever smiling gleefully Helplessly drowning in my own emotions in your presence This feeling is indescribable, but irresistible in essence. With you every day is Christmas, always receiving the best kind of presents. God sent me an angel, a gift from the heavens. An accumulation of all these emotions happen 24/7. How every part of my body sensationally tingles from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes On a daily basis this feeling just continuously grows. Uncountable pounding heart beats, uncontrollable breathing flows Feeling so high, flushed cheeks, an eternal illuminant glow Brightening up one’s life, shout out to the world, let everyone know. An announcement to the world, you’d just scream it and shout. If this is what life is all about I want you to be If I could watch your eyes tell stories into mine, I’d let you do it to me on a daily. Shower me with your greatness, your flaws, and insecurities I’ll gladly accept them all, support you, and erase all of your worries. An addiction to you; Screaming, yearning, craving, body aches An absence from you makes my world crumble, provoked by tremendous amounts of large trembling earthquakes. Unable to focus Unable to concentrate Unable to frown A strong believer in fate A mind set so strong, you’ve gotten through to me in a different mind state From the skies, fell on the ground Hearts scorching and burning for you with infinite amounts of thumps and pounds The whole world around you can hear it so loud Do u believe it? It’s me you have found? Never so clear like the shape of it all, never seen a circle so round Waking up to an image, picture perfect, so sound. A winner through it all, a king has just been crowned. Never did I thought a kind like you existed, Now I deny all and any doubts to just strongly resist it. I’ll never let you down, everything unexplainable is okay, we’ll just live it.


.. hazzlejoy..

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