Vlog #2: Cinnamon & Cheesecake Band-Aids and The Hobby Lobby Challenge

This took way longer than I intended. I had issues with imovie and had to give myself a week-long crash course of Youtube tutorials to learn Premiere. I apologize for the vertical videos. I’m still getting used to Vlogging and this was the best I can do. I’ve been recording a lot on my phone since it’s just easier for me when I’m on the go and I also have a Gopro. I also rip many of my videos off my social media, so it’s something you probably remember seeing. I’ve been jumping through many hoops to get this done and it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted, but I’ll only get better. Despite the challenges, I just wanted to get this out and move on. Lol.


I ramble on about #HJWisdom and what I do full time and for fun. I tried a new food spot called Crab Shack in Carson.


My girls and I discover fun products at the Dollar Store. We also did The Hobby Lobby Challenge. And then we recorded our show.


Went to see Ericka Guitron at Jerry’s Grill in Cerritos.


Boxing session with JP.


Associate Produce for our new TV Show called The Conflux.

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