Who Am I?

I’m not really sure where I’m going to go with what I write today, but I just have such a strong urge to write. I feel so close yet so far. I’ve been so far deep in my thoughts today that I kind of just don’t even know.

I started thinking about who am I? What perfectly describes who I am? Is it the color of my skin, the origin of my ethnicity, the color of my hair and eyes? Am I characterized by the things I do? The choices I make? The energy I put out?

As my mind started wondering and wondering and wondering, I also felt such a strong emotional connection with myself. It’s kind of like I’m telling myself that none of these things actually matter in a sense that all of those things make only the physical details of who I am. What if who we are goes far deeper than that? Like everything in THIS physical life doesn’t even matter?

I remember when my Dad passed away and we had to clean out his items and stuff where he lived – it felt really surreal.

All these objects we put so much emphasis and meaning to – only to leave behind once we pass away.

Death catches up to people at the most unexpected ways and it’s painful to go through. It’s just reality.

Our short time spent on Earth is often taken for granted.

Stay positive.

I love you all.


Hazzle Joy

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I liked it. I began to ponder about my own existence. It was short enough for me to want more and interesting enough for me to think about the subject matter on my own. Do we exist or this all an illusion?

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