Weeping Heart

It’s in our nature to find meaning to our lives. It’s in our nature to sin. We continue to live our lives recklessly, aimlessly, and superficially. We party, we drink, we smoke, we sin. We continue to do these things, yet somehow forgot what our purpose is on earth? So many things boggle my mind … More Weeping Heart

One day at a time

As I close down my mind and imagine the world. I see a whole lot of nothing but pain and love in the air. Again, I’m in front of my textbook and I feel its glossy pages glare. I wonder how I’m going to get through a difficult study session. But I can’t help, but … More One day at a time


Hello All, Although my viewers have significantly decreased, I’m determined to write the way I used to and I’m ecstatic to share the rest of my journey with those willing to learn patiently more about me. I think, no wait, I know, I witness and am in the presence of an Angel. His pure heart … More Strength

Whether you believe this or not pls take the time to read this..

PLS pls…TAKE A MOMENT & READ THIS LAST SECRET MESSAGE OF FATIMA FROM MEDJUGORJE AS OF MARCH,2011 by Jackie Alano on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 6:57pm I just want to share this with everyone this is from Aunt Linda came from mail, instead of sending it thru mail(family/friends), I retype/copy. Regardless of watever Creed … More Whether you believe this or not pls take the time to read this..