Restless Soul

Okay, so I promised myself that I would post something up today. I wish I could write right when I feel like I should because if I wait any later I lose my momentum and adrenaline. I’m at a stump and it’s because I didn’t write earlier when I was in the moment. Well, enough … More Restless Soul

Blog Life

Lately, I’ve been inspired to keep writing. It keeps me sane. There were many times I opened up a clean page to add a new post, but click backspace when I realize I don’t really have a thing to say. Which is quite odd because somehow I always feel like I have something to say. … More Blog Life

Abandoned no more

Dear WordPress, I’m sorry to have abandoned you, I truly didn’t mean to. I just felt like I had nothing to say. Well that is quite the contradiction because I always have a lot to say. I guess I lacked the urge to update and get down to the nitty gritty of things. It’s been … More Abandoned no more

Peaceful Soul

Feeling refreshed. I’m feeling good, feeling different, smooth, confident, and relaxed. I definitely feel like I could take on the world. Words just flow straight from my mouth and nothing else in the world matters. In a sense that my writing is what clears my mind. What makes everything so positive. God is good. I’m … More Peaceful Soul