Shut the f&%$ up

More social media ranting…. There’s always that one person out of your number of Facebook friends that has something stupid, negative, or sarcastic to say. Honestly, I’d prefer those type of people say nothing at all. But then again, posting stuff and not expecting a comment is a personal mistake. If you don’t want anything … More Shut the f&%$ up

Blog Life

Lately, I’ve been inspired to keep writing. It keeps me sane. There were many times I opened up a clean page to add a new post, but click backspace when I realize I don’t really have a thing to say. Which is quite odd because somehow I always feel like I have something to say. … More Blog Life

Sex on the beach..

.. is my favorite drink, but not to be confused with the “act” of having sex on the beach. Which by the way have I yet to experience (chuckles to self). Speaking of the Beach, let’s look back on my beautiful journey I have gracefully survived at THEE Long State Beach. Woke up this morning … More Sex on the beach..