Hello All, Although my viewers have significantly decreased, I’m determined to write the way I used to and I’m ecstatic to share the rest of my journey with those willing to learn patiently more about me. I think, no wait, I know, I witness and am in the presence of an Angel. His pure heart … More Strength

Signs of Aging

I’ve been suffering from pretty difficult migraines lately. And it wasn’t even until the other day when I discovered that what I’ve been experiencing were actual migraines, per say. I thought I was just feeling sick. I asked my mom and aunt what the difference was between a headache and a migraine and they said … More Signs of Aging

Old feelings

I deserve more than a weak attempt at holding my hand. I deserve so much more than this. Day in and day out I continue to feel Disappointed, hurt, frustrated, sad, and fed up. Emotions run through me like an inferno eating up what’s left of a piece of wood.