Restless Soul

Okay, so I promised myself that I would post something up today. I wish I could write right when I feel like I should because if I wait any later I lose my momentum and adrenaline. I’m at a stump and it’s because I didn’t write earlier when I was in the moment. Well, enough … More Restless Soul

Dry tears

I’m in dire need of a vent session. After all, my best writing comes out when I’m full of every kind of emotion. As positive as I try to be, it’s difficult to hide and push away the difficulties, trials, and tribulations that I go through on a daily basis. Yeah, I can’t take on … More Dry tears

One day at a time

As I close down my mind and imagine the world. I see a whole lot of nothing but pain and love in the air. Again, I’m in front of my textbook and I feel its glossy pages glare. I wonder how I’m going to get through a difficult study session. But I can’t help, but … More One day at a time

Abandoned no more

Dear WordPress, I’m sorry to have abandoned you, I truly didn’t mean to. I just felt like I had nothing to say. Well that is quite the contradiction because I always have a lot to say. I guess I lacked the urge to update and get down to the nitty gritty of things. It’s been … More Abandoned no more