A New Movement

Quick note: Hello all, this is my sociology paper and I just wanted to share it with you all. Many may assume that I’m passionate about the movement, but my main purpose is to inspire intellect conversation. There are far too many issues in society that people tend to avoid, but I’ve never felt so … More A New Movement

Bad Texters

Since I’m in a ranting mood, I might as well address – Bad Texters. Don’t you hate when you try to get a quick answer or not even quick persay, but just an answer from someone through text, but they neverrrr respond? Then you have more stuff to say to them, so you end up … More Bad Texters

How much of “Reality” Shows are really “Reality?”

I barely and rarely watch TV these days. The only shows I usually watch are “One Tree Hill” and “Hellcats.” Anything on the Style Channel will have me glued to the tube as well. Today I got stuck watching a couple of “Reality” Shows that I really wanted to laugh and ask if these are … More How much of “Reality” Shows are really “Reality?”