Weeping Heart

It’s in our nature to find meaning to our lives. It’s in our nature to sin. We continue to live our lives recklessly, aimlessly, and superficially. We party, we drink, we smoke, we sin. We continue to do these things, yet somehow forgot what our purpose is on earth? So many things boggle my mind … More Weeping Heart

How much of “Reality” Shows are really “Reality?”

I barely and rarely watch TV these days. The only shows I usually watch are “One Tree Hill” and “Hellcats.” Anything on the Style Channel will have me glued to the tube as well. Today I got stuck watching a couple of “Reality” Shows that I really wanted to laugh and ask if these are … More How much of “Reality” Shows are really “Reality?”

Make-up Junkie

So on my tumblr account I started this thing where I wanted to start reviewing make-up products that I use(d). I’m going to start doing it again on this blog. I already had a couple reviews on there, but I’ll do them again on the same products. I don’t think I ever see myself deleting … More Make-up Junkie