Restless Soul

Okay, so I promised myself that I would post something up today. I wish I could write right when I feel like I should because if I wait any later I lose my momentum and adrenaline. I’m at a stump and it’s because I didn’t write earlier when I was in the moment. Well, enough … More Restless Soul

A New Movement

Quick note: Hello all, this is my sociology paper and I just wanted to share it with you all. Many may assume that I’m passionate about the movement, but my main purpose is to inspire intellect conversation. There are far too many issues in society that people tend to avoid, but I’ve never felt so … More A New Movement

Young, Wild, and Free

Being in a relationship during the transitional phase from late teenager to early adulthood is quite difficult. Those who have gone through the stages to early adulthood probably had it quite different compared to those who were in relationships. Growing independently might be more difficult or more easier, depending on who you’re talking to. There … More Young, Wild, and Free

One day at a time

As I close down my mind and imagine the world. I see a whole lot of nothing but pain and love in the air. Again, I’m in front of my textbook and I feel its glossy pages glare. I wonder how I’m going to get through a difficult study session. But I can’t help, but … More One day at a time

The Beauty Department

Obsessed with all things fashion and beauty? Need beauty questions answered? Consider Lauren Conrad’s latest site your guide to all things beauty. The Beauty Department is my favorite go-to website. There’s always something new and refreshing to look at or read about. I can say I’ve definitely learned a lot. Lauren Conrad collaborates with two of … More The Beauty Department

The “R” word

Relationships Relationships intrigue me. I cannot emphasize enough how much I’ve learned about myself and what it’s like being in a relationship. Of course, before anyone actually becomes consumed as the It-item, most of us fear becoming something we never wanted to be- the couple that can never be separated. I always loathed the idea … More The “R” word