Rapping Skills

So I was a little bored today and wanted to rap to one of my favorite songs by Nicki Minaj. My favorite track on the Pink Friday CD is “Roman’s Revenge.” It’s nothing perfect and I don’t really know Eminem’s park, but hope you like it! I was just trying to have fun with it. … More Rapping Skills

COD Black Ops

Is it safe to say that I have senioritis and it’s not even my last semester of college? I have one more semester after this and I’m completely feeling soooo over it all. 5 years of college and I don’t think I can stand another day. A-D-D style and I must say that I cannot, … More COD Black Ops

Monday Ramblings

Currently in the Library, just finished munching on lunch and I will ramble on with random shinanigans going on in me brain before my mac dies and before I actually get to getting some work done. I’m not even sure if these stupid outlets work near here, but I figured, I need to get a … More Monday Ramblings