One Tree Hill Changed my Life

Basketball and the hot guys (Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty) were one of the first things to attract me to One Tree Hill. I was 15-years-old when One Tree Hill first came out. I am now 23-years-old and to this day and age will always have love for OTH. Okay, I know my title […]

Finding the strength I never thought I had

Want to know what’s really going on? Your shit don’t phase me anymore! I’m tired of feeling brought down and what not, I’m just gonna keep my head up high and keep on smiling. If anything, happiness is the greatest combat method. I have you to thank for being this strong. And that should scare […]

A message in a nightmare?

The last couple weeks of sleep have been so disturbing that sometimes I’m afraid to shut-eye. Weird situations with familiar real-life people, turning out to be some possessed creature. I usually wake up frantically, almost crying after saying a prayer in my dream. The most recent nightmare freaked me out so much, I was litterally […]