Dear Maliah

Dear Maliah is a series of letters dedicated to my niece whom passed away at the tender age of 2-years-old in October 2011. Although, I’ve experienced many deaths of close loved ones, Maliah’s changed my life in a way I couldn’t explain. It could be that I’ve never witnessed such a young person’s death, or yet bring myself to believe that it is possible. Before God reclaimed his little angel, my family have experienced brokenness and grew very distant. Maliah’s life was not lived in vain, nor short-lived without purpose, however, she lived and sent the message she was brought on earth for.

RIP beautiful Angel, Maliah Franchesca Andrada 12/28/08-10/09/11

RIP beautiful Angel, Maliah Franchesca Andrada 12/28/08-10/09/11

Among each and everyone’s differences, people tend to forget what it means to forgive and love one another unconditionally. Maliah instilled that message to us and brought us back together. Unfortunately, it took her passing to make us realize, but after this traumatic experience, I’ve found it within myself to continue my destiny as a writer, speaker and influencer.

Dear Maliah is my personal reminder to continue the legacy she left behind. These series of letters will reflect on my personal emotions, what is going on around me and the influence Maliah still has upon my life. It’s my way of saying, I haven’t forgotten about you and here’s an update of the world you left behind, including her baby sister, Mikayla who was born on September 17, 2012.



If you scroll to the bottom of my blog you will find a link title “Categories.” There you will find a drop down menu and choose Dear Maliah to find the series of letters.

Read more about my thoughts during Maliah’s passing here: One Day at a Time
Read Dear Maliah Letter 1


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