Words To Paint EP 11: Bare

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Words To Paint_ EP 11_ Bare

IG: www.instagram.com/lici_fit/
-Fitness/Health update
-Biggest Lessons in life right now
-“Bare” poem
-Song pick: “Bigger” – Beyonce


Art can be easily overlooked.



“Art” is part of the word “Heart.”

Art is what the heart wants.

It’s easy to ignore the parts

that it tells you to do

Because we’re to wrapped up in our thoughts- actions taken by few.

Find peace in trusting

In solitude

In Love

In joy

In connection

Be mindful of your attitude

Expand your gratitude

It’s never too much.

Be free to be.

Be Free.

Breathe. Just be.

Easy to forget the simple surroundings

Can bring you to a space

a safe sanctuary.

It’s easy to be scared.

Never try

or no soul to share

A piece of your purpose

shouldn’t be sheltered, but bare.

Take a breath

Relax and accept

That living right now, to the beat of your soul feels better than living like death.

Here are some of the big lessons I’ve learned so far:

  1. I was scared of succeeding just as much as failing. I already set myself up for failure in my head. Scare to try. A perfectionist.
  2. There’s a healthy way of self caring and to have confidence in yourself. It’s important to invest in yourself- there’s a certain obsession you hav to hav with yourself. It’s only YOU who can make real change and make an impactful decision. We can choose to complain about a situation or we can go and do something about it. Change what we can and let go of the unnecessary drama we put on ourselves.
  3. Confidence is best when complimented by a strong circle of confident people. Natural energy will make this a reality.
  4. Always put your health and well-being first.
  5. Know when to put boundaries and minimize the distractions and noise (Some things I do: walk dogs, color, meditate, affirmations, say no to burning out, sleep/rest enough, listen to your body.)
  6. Trust the process
  7. Shed the ego

Thanks for listening and taking the time to read! Now I’m super curious to know how you cope.

What do you do to eliminate distractions? What is your soul’s message?

Shout out to Amanda for the fresh cut and color!! Congrats on the new salon!! New hair who dis?!

IG: @AmandaMarieBeauty @ElleBCSalon

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