Words To Paint EP 10: Less is More

I was going through a spiritual turmoil. I just have had some really rough days and I guess I coped pretty well because here I am today, a whole entire, better me. Thanks be to God.

words to paint ep 10

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-My meltdown and Fitness update
-Biggest Lessons in life right now
-“Less is More” poem
-Song pick: “Yourworthit.org” by Dax ft. Hopsin

“Less Is More”

Every page is a new slate.

Everyday is a new beginning.

Why do I wake up with the same pain?

The same one I felt in the beginning?

I don’t know what I want anymore.

Ironically, I do find both peace & hurt in being alone.

If I continue down this destructive path is it really destructive?

Self awareness and critic- can it all just be destructive?

Without darkness there is no light.

Where would light go if it wasn’t dark?

Am I still trying? Is there a will- if I may, if I might?

Everyday I feel like dying, but there has to be a reason I’m still alive.

Self hatred pushes everyone away.

Deep anger keeps suicidal thoughts at bay.

What is to come fr it is a new day.

I’d rather be alone, less is more they say.

Ps. Yes, that’s me in the picture.

Thanks for listening!!

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