Words To Paint EP 09: What You Don’t See Is Real

So the previous episode was PMDD Awareness Month. Episode 9 I touch base on Mental Health Awareness Month.

w2p ep09

-Mental Health Awareness Month
-Ad: Take 30% off R Apparel www.reinvent-apparel.com/ with HAZ30 IG: www.instagram.com/reinvent.apparel/
-What I learned from deleting social media
-Favorite Documentaries and Specials on Netflix (Heal, Creative Brain, Grass is Greener, Tony Robbins, Brené Brown)
-Poem: “What You Don’t See is Real”

About PMDD: iapmd.org/
Donate to PMDD nonprofit org (IAPMD): www.facebook.com/donate/241766277…161908725220512/

Mental Health Awareness Month:

-Song pick: “Triggered” (Freestyle) – Jhené Aiko

“What You Don’t See is Real”

Sugar is sweet

This pen is pink

Wouldn’t event believe

the dark story hidden beneath

It’s the deep truth

Tucked away, in its core – it sinks.

Thanks for listening!! And thanks so much to those who donated to the PMDD Organization! You guys rock!!



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