Words To Paint EP 06: Be Yourself

-Update on PMDD, Depression
-Sharing a new poem (untitled)
-Song of the week “Be Yourself” – Danileigh

What is PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)? https://iapmd.org/about-pmdd/

Facebook Support Group (IAPMD): https://www.facebook.com/groups/iapmd/

Mental pain is often disregarded by not only society, but yourself.
How can anyone overcome the feelings of the depths of one’s inner most despair and hopelessness?
How am I coping well or even at all?
An unknown disorder, hidden you can’t tell
how on days like these feel like hell.
Tormented by your thoughts stuck in a shell.
I’m happy with my loves.
I’m sappy giving hugs,
but days like this, my shoulders slump.
I feel like crying
I feel like a useless log.
You feel crazy, but completely aware.
You have brain fog, so your head is hazy. It’s your voice ringing its negative blares
Trying not to believe one’s head full of lies.

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