Words To Paint EP 05: Be Still

“Be Still” is the name of the poem I share in this episode. Turns out, meditation has been a heavy topic in these last couple episodes. This one was fun because I talk about my experience at Saved By The Max with my best friend. I also have some updates on things I’ve mentioned in previous episodes. Enjoy!


“Be Still”

It brings me joy to hear the sound of bikes, scooters, and skateboards outside of my window.
It reminds me of my childhood. Not worries about much, it was a simpler time.
No pressure to take the perfect picture, but did as you please.
These days, glued to a screen, eyes steady in a fixture.
Sunny days, meant cousin play dates.
Basking in the sun or rollerblading in your favorite skates.
It was easier to live with less technology, not consumed by everyone else’s lives living unapologetically.
To each their own, but can’t you see we’ve all turned into zombies?
I admit, I fall in the vortex, it’s a whole other world
That we forget life isn’t really that complex.
Just take a deep breath and let it flow naturally
It will come what ever comes next.

-Peace and blessings from my heart to yours

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