Words To Paint EP 04: The Kind of Love

Now this is a trip. I finished episode 4 on the 4th. I noticed that I recorded this around 4pm. And 4 is my favorite number! Awesome! The synchronicities are peculiar. I felt like I was in a really great head space this past weekend. I’m grateful for it. It inspired some writing.

Words To Paint EP 04: The Kind of Love


“The Kind of Love”

The kind that has you stop in mid-sentence only to realize you were both going to say the same thing at the same time.

The kind of love that makes you want to be a better person, where everyday you do that one thing to progress and grow – from the bottom to the top you climb.

The kind that gives food that extra zing, the sun’s rays that extra bling, while it’s clear as day you hear the birds sing.

The moments spent apart intensify the feeling, wishing you were near
It’s like a tug at the heart.

Your breathe is the art.
Your silence is peaceful and calming in anture.

Sensitive to the touch,
addicted to your love.
Wake up to a hug.
A kiss and more love.

Blessed to know
I have that kind of love.


Thanks for watching!

Original cover photo by me taken at LA Zoo with the Grain Cam App.

@HazzleJoy / @WordsToPaint

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