Words To Paint EP 03: The Moment

It’s crazy finding time to stay on top of what you want to do with your passion. The 3rd episode came a little later than I anticipated, but it’s all good! It’s here and I brought on a special guest. If you can’t already tell from the photo, yes, it’s my fiancee, JP. I’m sure it won’t be the last episode with him though. Let me know what you think!

Words To Paint EP 03: The Moment


  • “The Moment” Poem and Breakdown with JP’s reaction
  • Thoughts on Meditation and how it helps me find peace
  • Song pick of the week: “Be Alright” – Kehlani
    Lyrics: “Be Alright”

“The Moment”

What do you hear?
Cars, pots, the sounds of my dog grooming himself
as he lays near
footsteps, the ink pressing against the paper, the crickets ringing in my ear.
See, I learned that silence doesn’t mean hearing nothing, but listening to everything.
The thoughts in your head, what you choose to do with time instead mindless scrolling
Image controlling
In actuality who actually gives a fuck.
Living THIS MOMENT is getting me unstuck.
It’s freeing to BE STILL.
I don’t believe in healing from a pill
Through the glory of God
His strength gives you the will.


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