Words To Paint EP 02: Listen to Your Soul

It turns out it is National Day On Writing, so I figured I’d publish Episode 2 a little bit earlier than I planned. But the official day for #WhyIWrite Day is October 20. I love that writers are being celebrated. I write because it heals me. In fact, it helped me cope with many things in my life. I had writers block for years, but from time to time I pick up where I left off and I remember how therapeutic it is for me. You’ll just have to listen to the next episode for more.

Words To Paint EP 02: Listen to Your Soul


  • “Listen to Your Soul” Poem and Breakdown
  • How writing helped me cope with my Dad’s death
  • Volunteering at the OC Rescue Mission
  • My 8 Daily Reminders
  • Song pick of the week: “Ascension” – Jhene Aiko ft. Brandy
    Lyrics: “Ascension”

“Listen to Your Soul”

Listen to your soul
Listen to your soul
Listen to your soul

What is it saying?
It’s saying simplify your life.
Let go of the mountains of baggage – it’s heavy- weighing you down- all the way to the ground.

Lift yourself up, but addressing its calls
Life is short
Quit the lagging and stalls.

Be still.
Just be.
What doesn’t kill?
Be free & completely happy.

Silence the noise
Hear your heart beat
Time is not your enemy, is is your companion.
What you choose to do is up to you. Use your voice.

I don’t really want to think. I just want to write.
I want to be happy & unpack and be light.
Goals need to be made & be acted upon –
otherwise my motivation will fade & my dreams will be gone.
I need to stop making it so complicated.

Be healthy. Be resilient, kind, generous, & grateful.
Live & let go. Let God.
Trust the process. Trust your struggle.
Be consistent. Make progress repeat.
Fail. Fall. Rise. Defeat.


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