Recollection of Vibrations

It’s been such a journey trying to figure out this whole adult thing. I realized you shouldn’t put a time limit on learning about yourself. You never really stop learning and loving yourself. There are certain things that we all do that keeps us sane in a world full of chaos. We’re like machines or zombies just going through the motions. Some people find their escape to be at the bars or clubs every week and others may find full satisfaction working out. Whatever that passion is, lies a vibration from earth expressed in our natural behavior that we should be living and doing what ultimately makes us happy. I find peace in a couple things and it takes me some DEEP ROOTED emotion to finally get it written out.

Writing has and always will be my biggest form of vulnerability. Far too many times I set the highest expectations for myself and constantly battle my mind from what I THINK society should accept me as versus not giving a flying F*&^ about what society thinks. Writing for me has always been one of my favorite escapes alongside beating myself to death at the gym. Either way, I have to start living and being what my intuition tells me to do. Distraction is the easiest way to stray away from your goals. Ironically, as overwhelmed as I can cause myself to get, I find peace in working towards my goals. I find peace in knowing that I’m working hard towards something so unordinary, something that fights the odds. I feel borderline insane because of some of the decisions I choose to make, however, a drive just pulls me and No is not an answer I’m willing to take. I wish to continue to accomplish things that I never knew possible. My route is a lot different and I need to stop comparing my life to what is displayed on social media. It’s so easy to lose yourself in a society so transparent especially when I was probably one of the last generations to KNOW what it felt like WITHOUT social media.

My Love and Passion drive me. Keeps me sane. It’s when you want it so bad, you’re patient enough to wait and work hard at until you obtain it. Everyday I’ve been experiencing many spiritual moments and I take them all as signs and messages from God. My WANT to be successful with my dreams and goals is far less than the feeling of NEEDING to achieve it all. It’s an inexplainable magnetic feeling that makes you not want to change its course. I want to be better, be happier, be stronger, be kinder, be gentler, be balanced, be helpful, and continue to serve the greater purpose. A purpose bigger than I can ever imagine it to be.

Stay blessed my friends. Count each one. Be grateful, embrace the highs and lows in life- and I promise you, your world will change.


4 thoughts on “Recollection of Vibrations

  1. Amazing i can 100% relate ! Keep working on your goal! If something is driving you so deeply, then that is for a purpose.i , too, think im insane. And so i balance normal society living and my ‘abnormal’ insane living equally cause i realized thats the only way its gonna work. Keep chasing your dreams ♡

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