Time Tables of Success

Don’t compare your time table of success to another person’s time table of success….When you really just stop doing that, that’s the moment shit starts working out for you.

-Letty B (Letty Set Go–Sneak Preview)

I replayed this line over and over. It was no accident that I just happened to listen to Letty’s new podcast (formerly known as ‘Rikki Martinez’). I had the privilege of interviewing her with Lindz on The Layover Show on Traklife Radio for a special edition of Female Takeover. I was always a big fan and having met her in person and seeing how down to earth she is, I couldn’t help but be even more inspired.

I know I’ve been a little MIA in some certain aspects of my life, but deep down I’m trying to figure things out. My pace feels a little bit scattered or slow, but I think I’m just at that age where I NEED to find myself now and find the peace I long for. For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt the need to excel at everything I do and just do the best and be the best I can be at all times. As anyone can imagine that mentality and lifestyle can drive you to the brinks of insanity and even depression. We set standards so high for ourselves that it makes it difficult to just sit down and appreciate all the blessings you already have in front of you. I used to imagine and give myself a timeline for all the things I want to accomplish by a certain time or at a certain age, but it’s completely UNREALISTIC. I see that now because I see the bigger picture. It’s easy to feel low and be your own biggest critic, but if you’re able to stop and really think about what’s truly important, all the petty shit won’t even matter anymore.

I feel vibes and energy so hard that my heart hurts physically sometimes. When I get overwhelmed with any type of emotion it’s easy for me to express it and it’s almost like I have to express it without holding back. It can be a gift and a curse. So it may seem like I take these random breaks from being social or certain things, but really, how can I be me to my fullest potential if I’m not even sure what my fullest potential is yet? I need to be happy just being happy and I feel like everything will follow through after that.

I dream dreams bigger than the world itself, but yet I don’t quite understand what exactly I want to accomplish. I find the most joy in connecting with people and vocalizing my thoughts, opinions, and feelings. It’s weird because even if I try to stop wrting or tryyyy to stop being a creative person I have this itch to get back into it and once I get back I’m reminded of why it makes me so happy to do it.

I’ve never wanted to be someone I’m not. I want to make the best out of my own situation and strive to continue to accomplish the unthinkable and impossible. There are many stories and many journeys, but my own is the one I need to concentrate on. And that’s what I hate about social media. It’s easy to compare yourself to others, but that’s why Letty’s quote struck a chord so loud to me because it’s true what she says. If we stop comparing our time table of success to another’s person’s time table of success that’s when shit starts working out for us. My route may be a little longer, a little different, a little unorthodox, but hey! It’s still my story and that’s something no one can ever take away from me.

Like any other person, I have doubts. I have fears. I question whether or not what I want to do with my life is truly what I want to do. I question if what I’m doing is worth it or if I’m wasting my time trying. That’s the other thing no one can ever take away from me – at least I know I died trying. I don’t have to grow old telling myself and my future kids and grandkids, “I wonder what it’d be like if I actually did try to chase my dreams.” At this rate, I can proudly look back and say that I did try and I had the time of my life.

When you know that you got it you don’t mind proving yourself for it because you know you got it.

-Letty B (Letty Set Go–Sneak Preview)

The tears started pouring out when Letty said this. She talks about working hard and continuing to do what you do and not doubt yourself. I’ve been feeling like this lately….like why am I working so hard for and not seeing myself yet reap the rewards? I realize that my rewards will take much longer than I anticipate. I need to just do what I need to do and trust my process.

I can’t yet help the world, if I cannot yet help myself. In order for me to give the best me to the world, I need to be 200% happy with me wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Once I have accepted myself to that point, I know that the force will be unstoppable..

Thank you Letty B and everyone who has inspired me along the way. Too many to list, but you will be greatly acknowledged when that day comes and I am where I am meant to be.

Listen to Letty’s Podcast here:


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