I can’t really understand how or when the random spurts of inspiration come to me, but when the urge is there – that’s when I have to take it and run with it. Time always seems to move much faster than we anticipate. How much time are we willing to let us pass us by while wasting those precious moments on something so minor? This past weekend might have given me some inspiration. It’s hard to slow down in a fast paced lifestyle. It’s hard to stop and take a second to realize all that you’ve been through and experienced. 

What I write is far more personal to me than the pictures I post on instagram or facebook. It’s a place where I share my vulnerability. Since it’s a passion (as any of my other hobbies are) it’s personal. I haven’t found much inspiration to write anything lately, but when the urge hit me like a lightening bolt, I knew I just had to transfer that energy. Then I black out and I can’t really stop (writing that is).

I’ve been moving so fast with everything that I haven’t had a moment to sit and realize everything that has happened thus far. It’s kind of a trip though trying to build a life around something you love. I kind of don’t think too hard about what I’m doing other than doing what I love to. It’s like a magnetic connection, I’m automatically drawn to fulfill a destiny. I just want to create my art. 

I want to just keep bettering myself everyday. I may not always make the right decisions, but at least I know that I have no deep intention to cause harm to anyone. I want to keep growing. I make these mistakes to keep growing. 

I often reminisce about the past. It’s interesting to also place myself in difference perspectives. I often reflect on how I used to react to certain situations compared to how I react now. Personally, I know I’ve progressed. I found it deep within myself to do what I need to do to see progression. 

Zoning through music is my therapy. Practicing meditation. Praying. Practicing yoga stretching and breathing exercises. They all work for me. 

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