I’d come to terms with the word of the day, consistency. 

Ever sat and wondered to yourself of all the experiences, of all the days, of all the seconds – how did you become that person today? It is possible to sit and take in each detail. How you got to that point has made you one thing, strong. It’s easy to break down and give up, but ever tried so hard to make a change in your life for the better and improving and accomplishing become things of obsession? Another ironic thing is, you’ve wondered when you were younger how life will probably be when you get older, but to realize that things didn’t end up how you pictured at all. Then you learn to accept it, but yet strive to accomplish more. Life is nothing but the way you create it to be. You can write your own story to your favor. I learned that dwelling on those that hurt you mentally, physically, and emotionally will do nothing but bring you more down. An intense surge of joy erupts in my soul because of the way I’ve changed to view life, to view the world, and myself. Peace is everything and if you can come to terms with being at peace with yourself and one another, you can feel like you are unstoppable. 

Ever wondered who would be in your life in the future and you were once so sure that they were going to be present forever? Well, here’s why you shouldn’t think that way, the people you once spent much time with in the past, still thinks of you and you will forever share that bond with one another. Life gets the best of many people, but when you cross paths, it’s a bit of a nice feeling seeing that familiar face who you were once close with. At the increasing rate of aging, I find that it’s just easier to let go of the pain and to live life in the most positive way. Friendship and relationships with one another is another form of consistency in our life. Do the people around you influence you in the positive way? Do they encourage you, lift you up, and challenge you? It’s these type of things to consider when you’re wondering the consistency of your life.

Remember, slow progress is progress. Also, consistency is key. Just because I don’t want to overload my workload, does not mean I’m not taking the proper steps to ensure a promising future. I realize that I’m doing my best to sanely conquer each individual task. If I overwork myself, I cannot present my best work. My pace is the only pace I can go as I can respect everyone else around me as well. 

Analyze the consistency in your life and drop what needs to be dropped and strive for what truly matters. No one should ever get in your way, whether it’s things like achieving your goal body or achieving your dream career. 

Photo taken by Nikki Martinez.
Photo taken by Nikki Martinez.


Hazzle Joy

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