Universal Feeling

Ever sat down in the middle of a busy area and just listened to the world around you? Ever felt a moment pass through you, but you can’t exactly describe the feeling? There’s almost always a sense of heightened emotion whether or not they they are happy or sad. You feel so in sync with the world around you, you somewhat feel like you’re experiencing an out of body experience?

More now than ever, I put myself in a different perspective. I’ve accomplished so much more now than I realized, nor give myself credit for. It’s never been about the money, nor the superficial things. My purpose delves deeper than so and I realized I want to live more and more selfless everyday. At the end of the day I know that I want to plan for myself and accomplish my self needs. To nourish others with knowledge, one must nourish himself first. How can you preach a lifestyle you’re not practicing?

I’ve come to terms with my purpose long ago, however, all the planning and plotting never exactly ends. I know I’ve written this somewhere before that I have something I am tying to accomplish and it’s an itch that never ends. I underestimate the power of my influence sometimes, but I only hope that I evoke the positive kind. Sometimes it’s a never ending pain that I have to accomplish, worse than an infectious obsession.

I had another epiphany yesterday. The word of the Lord and Gospel spoke to me as I know it did for other folks sitting in the pews. I felt that it was time for me to follow through. I cannot scare away all the progress I’ve gained and fall back into the hole I’ve always dug myself. I Know that if I don’t step up my personal strength, then I am not meeting my true and honest potential.

Time and time again I think to myself that God sent me an angel. How is it so that I end up with a man so generous, so loving, so selfless, and beautiful inside and out. If there’s not one thing I’ve learned, it’s that hope exists. It’s alive, it breathes and creeps above the surface of a cracked pavement. It’s a matter of believing that what to come is worth waiting for. What good is the success if it wasn’t that difficult to strive for?

At the end of the day, things really do always get better. Even if life rides you out through the twists and turns like a cart on a roller coaster, the journey was always worth it. Don’t give up now. Don’t you ever.

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