A Whirlwind of Rainbows, Storms, & Tornados

I’ve been in such a whirlwind of events and I feel like only one thing slows me down.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond happy at this time of my life. I can’t even begin to tell you where things started turning around for me. I guess I can start at the end of the 2012 era. From start it started off wrong, but as the year went by the crazy roller coaster of events began to unravel. Many moments were happy because I’ve gained so much growth within the year so far. Many moments were disappointing because society’s standards tugged at me. I still managed to slide through those struggles and meet happiness somewhere in the middle. 

2012 was the stepping stone and 2013 is the staircase I’ve built for myself and of course it isn’t quite complete. Its height is limitless and the steep increases, regardless none of it stops me from reaching the goals I’ve set for myself. I have a list of things that I want to accomplish within the next 5 years, so far 1 of the things on the list has been reached. Amazing.

When life gets so demanding, it’s hard to sit and slow the pace down. When you reach a part of your soul that elucidates complacency, nothing else really can compete. It means letting go of unnecessary feelings. Bringing nothing, but joy and happiness in your life because that’s genuinely all that you feel. Like I always say, you can’t fake the funk. When you’re happy, you don’t really need to tell anyone. Everything about your vibes will illustrate just that.

But the one thing that irks me most is the fact that many are too busy focusing on the wrong thing. I truly let go of feelings that irritate me because at the end of the day there are far bigger issues than that. I can’t live day to day with any type of animosity in my heart. I forgive myself and others often, I try to make the best of a sucky situation. 

Thus far, I’ve put everything to thought and accomplished things I never thought imaginable and it’s only the beginning. When you reach a spirituality so indescribable, nothing can stop you. Sure, I’m still feeling the effects of some negative things in life, but that’s all part of nature and after all, how else do we grow?

Sometimes others don’t get it, but I don’t push the fact that they don’t. I say my thoughts and share my opinions and leave it to them to ponder. I then lead by example with my own actions because within each others’ doubt of one another lies misconceptions and assumptions. The biggest downfall is hurting yourself in your mind of the things that aren’t really in fact, happening. I’m a victim of my own self-destruction. BUT, look at how far I’ve come. 

This is only JUST the beginning. 

Peace. Positivity. Prayers.

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