Planting the Seed

A little bit inspired to write today because I wanted to take the time to write about someone very important to me. I know that I always here and there mention him and I know some of you might be a little bit tired of hearing it, but I cannot help, but be extremely thankful for the man who is responsible for helping me change to be a much more positive person.

Photo on 2013-01-13 at 21.53 #2

Behind every strong individual is a person who made them that way. Through the positive influences and reinforcement of love and support, JP was able to plant a seed that enabled me to see the beauty in life. During the times I’ve been hard headed and difficult, it didn’t mean I wasn’t listening. I was always listening and I was always learning. JP and I didn’t have a “love at first sight” type of love, but years after we met and reconnected, our chemistry was undeniable. The weird part was, I didn’t even understand what it was about him that had me attracted to him. Sure, he’s a very charming and handsome guy, but the thing that captures my heart is personality. You can be the most sexiest guy in the world, but if you’re intellectually empty and we don’t have chemistry, it’s easy for me to look past the looks. Anyways, so in March, we’ll be reaching our 4 years together and a lot of the times people think we’ve been together way longer than just a couple years, kind of crazy. I think that our love is timeless and incomparable in ways that I never imagined.

Photo on 2013-01-13 at 21.53

He inspires me to be a better person everyday and everyone deserves to be inspired and loved the same way. It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s also easy to fall out of love. A lot of the times people forget why they love each other in the first place, but when you find someone and feel “in love” you’ll just know because you never doubt the love you have for each other no matter how short or long you’ve been together. Love really does conquer all, and that goes for all types of love. Love also is said in vain time and time again, a lot of folks might abuse the word love and it’s a bit disturbing. I do believe that you can love more than one person because love comes in different shapes and forms. The one person you know you want to be with forever will be the person who is your best friend and confidante, as well as your lover.

Taken sometime in 2010.
Taken sometime in 2010.

JP planted the seed of what it means to be more positive. If anyone knew me for a while, they’d know I was actually a pretty dark soul with some spurts of depression. Maybe you can even find some old blog posts reflecting the type of person I used to be. I always felt sad and hopeless inside, but JP helped me overcome my self-issues. I can tell you that being happy definitely comes from yourself and no one else. It’s impossible to love someone else if you don’t love yourself. Inside, not many knew that I was torn apart and was always at battle with myself. He helped me realize some of the most important things in life and for him I am eternally grateful.

This was taken when he first bought me my macbook in 2010 and we were testing out the photo booth.
This was taken when he first bought me my macbook in 2010 and we were testing out the photo booth.

It’s kind of weird how things come together after some things fall apart. It’s never going to be how you expect. Last year, started out way different than the way that it ended and I mean that in other aspects in my life.

Taken by Lisa Tran (
Taken by Lisa Tran (

Most importantly, love everyone even if you might not be too fond of them. Be yourself and love will find you unexpectedly. You will find that one person who will not only be your world, but will share the world with you. It’s a give and take feeling. You receive what you put out in the world. Don’t concentrate on living your life trying to find “the one.” It always happens naturally. Trust the process and you’re going to be alright. Remember, I didn’t wake up one day changed all in all, it takes practice and it’s an everyday process.

Taken by Lisa Tran (
Taken by Lisa Tran in 2012 (
Taken by Lisa Tran ( May 2012.
Taken by Lisa Tran ( May 2012.

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