I’ve been tackling a new family. Welcoming was a dream come true. As cheesy as I sound, having a fashion blog was sort of always a little dream come true. Even though it comes off more as a hobby, I just knew that it wasn’t a project I’d like to do alone. In hopes of big goals, dreams, and potential to reach out in an interesting way is an opportunity to take. Watching the growth of is actually quite amazing. The amount of love and support we receive for it is amazing.  Branching off to something amazing from just a “fashion blog” to a top Website, eventually making an income to help make positive differences around the world would be such a venture to tackle.

HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to all the love and support from all friends, family, and new acquaintances! You guys are the best and you are really appreciated. Means more to me than you know. Much love! ❤

I don’t now I think I’m mostly just rambling right now, but I figured my old blog deserved a little update.

Before we headed out to our launch party last Wed.

*Picture taken by Lisa Linh.*

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