Kill Them With Kindness

Works every time.

I never understood the saying, “Kindness kills” more until recently. It wasn’t ever about forcing someone I didn’t like to change because we know that obviously can never happen.

What we can do is change the way we channel our personal negative feelings that we have of anyone and of anything differently.

Positivity isn’t a hype. To me, it’s a lifestyle. My life has changed and is continuing to change in ways that I never knew possible. I’m no longer trying to be positive, but I AM living more positive.

There’s still many things I’m still learning and conquering issues that bother me, but I am human, so perfection is out of the question. As long as I realize what truly matters at the end of the day.

Attacking enemies through our negative feedback only satisfies their mind game. It’s the attention they want. To give that to them is a defeat within your self and a victory to your enemy. It isn’t about who’s right or who’s wrong anymore because all that goes out the window. It’s about how you compose yourself, how you act about the situation, and how you show your maturity. Concentrating on your own actions and thoughts diffuse the negative situation you “feel” you have with someone. But when you realize all that doesn’t matter, you are the true winner.

Ignorance really is bliss and being kind isn’t being fake. It’s being mature enough to move on and not pay attention to such a minuscule problem. Heightening and highlighting that negativity only makes things worse and better for no one.

Just some things I’ve recently learned and felt like it was worth sharing.

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