33 Months and counting

As you can see we’re far from normal or perfect. We drive each other insane, but the love we have for each other is indescribable. He’s my best friend and lover; what more can you ask for? Always inspiring each other to better ourselves. That’s the type of person you should be with. Every single day (not counting bad days- and yes we do have those too) he makes me laugh so hard. He’s the funniest evarrr. And if you didn’t know, you should get to know this goofball! (:

33 months with this man, today. It’s the first time he’s actually not working a graveyard shift on our monthaversary- first time in a while. And guess what he’s doing? Sleeping… -___- Buttttt oh well.

Arrite, enough of the sap. Time to snuggle with this hibernated bear. ❤

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