Weeping Heart

It’s in our nature to find meaning to our lives. It’s in our nature to sin. We continue to live our lives recklessly, aimlessly, and superficially. We party, we drink, we smoke, we sin. We continue to do these things, yet somehow forgot what our purpose is on earth? So many things boggle my mind and I can’t help but feel like whatever is happening around me only resides to one thing- how our world is slowly chipping away, ruining ourselves, our being, and our children.

What is our purpose for being here? Of course, realistically , even not I can answer these types of questions. At the end of all the fun and games, I look to my left and I look to my right and I can’t help but feel endless amounts of sorrow. Our communities are filled with hate, poverty, sadness, and pretty much all the negatives in the world. Everything is sensationalized and everyday people in third world countries are dying out of starvation and diseases. I never felt like I could change the world one day, but while watching a documentary of Tupac the other day, his words inspired me to continue to write. He said something along the words of not being the person to change the world, but to spark the mind of the person who will. I wish to be that type of influence to young folks among us. I’m not sure if the words I write even make any type of impact, but at least I know I can touch one person. I never claimed to be an expert on global issues, even yet, national issues even if I am a journalism major and sociologist minor. But every time I learn things in my classes from inspirational teachers, I can’t help but feel a light spark up in my mind and heart. I feel like there’s far more bigger things to worry about other than how drunk we get or who owns the newest and latest gadget. Sometimes, I feel like my mind is far more advanced to the point where, nobody can understand how much pain or sorrow I feel for the world. Of course, many of the things that I speak of can be self-explanatory, but maybe what I say opens up new perspective.

I really don’t care what people have to say about any topic or issue, as long as people are talking about it. I feel like something big is going to happen and no, I’m not talking about 2012’s “world ending rumors.” I’m talking about things far greater. Obviously, I can’t put my finger on it, but I refuse to be silent. I know just as much as you do, practically nothing. But my intuition just pushes me to fulfill that destiny that I’m supposed to fulfill. That has yet to be discovered, although, it’s in my blood and veins. Whatever it is, it’s there.

Constantly bombarded by images, displays, and superficiality hinders the real issues at hand. We’re blinded by the things constantly presented to us. Since day one we have been manipulated. It was always the intelligent who seemed to lose their minds. As I watch the world go down in ruins and crumble before my eyes, my heart can’t help but constantly weep. As far as an “advanced mind,” sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy and I can’t even put a finger on it. It’s quite disturbing, but the depth of my emotions are extremely hard to contain. I don’t even know where all this is coming from, sometimes I think it’s just fear.

Can evil feed off fear? I believe to some extent, it can. It seems as if that some people would rather ignore their surroundings and drink away their sorrows. I too have resorted to foolishness. How much longer can we ignore the fact? How much longer can we sit here and not do a damn thing? I long stopped watching the news on tv because even that is a lost cause. How disturbing are the things presented to us that even those things are untrustworthy? I’m not an expert, but everything is so intriguing and I feel like it’s worth talking about.

So even though I may look like a nut case in the making, stop and look at the bigger picture. Stop obsessing over Justin Bieber, Kim K.’s divorce, or whatever else is being constantly shoved down our throats. It’s all open to interpretation. It’s annoying that people complain about how stupid our society is and how bad our economy is when you’re not doing a damn thing to help make a change. Even though I fall into that category, at least I know my contribution and/or purpose in life is write about my perspective. Because that to me, is making a small difference. Try and tell me otherwise, I’ll completely respect it.

Just make sure to always be prepared for the worst.

Stay positive, don’t be ignorant, and always love. Be that change you want to see.

Love always,


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