When being honest backfires

It really sucks that I’m sitting here trying my hardest to concentrate on doing school work at home, but so many things are running through my mind. I’m so bothered by a couple things going on right now. I feel like it’s so unfair.

I don’t religiously believe in horoscopes, but I feel like it’s super fun to read about and apply to how it relates to my real life. It trips me out that lately my horoscope update posts are always on the dot.

Today’s post was on the dot again because I realized that I’m too honest. Even with the people I love and adore, I still keep it honest. I know nothing is wrong with that. I just feel like I have nothing to hide and what’s the point of keeping it away from those people I feel like sharing with. In my horoscope agenda it says that I always hold myself to it, “the truth and nothing but the truth,” but how far does it go until I find myself getting hurt? I guess that someone I love was hurt by something in the past, but it’s ridiculous if you ask me. If you’re reading this, don’t worry I’m not putting forth any details on the issue. Better suited for a real conversation face to face, if you ask me. You are NOT the subject of this post, however, there are a bunch of things boggling my mind at the moment.

It could be that I’m stressing over some of the school things that I really need to be worried about coming up this week. I’m so anxious to do what I need to do, that I just can’t focus. I feel so locked out of myself, if that even makes sense. Back to the whole being honest persona, I can’t help that I am the way I am. I just do what I feel and act what I feel and do it passionately. There’s nothing wrong with critique and critical feedback, and honesty that comes back my way is much appreciated. Trust me. I prefer it over anything else. But my mouth has gotten me in trouble far too many times in the past, that surprisingly I still haven’t learned from it. Being so honest and bold about every detail of my opinions may come off the wrong way to different people. The only thing I take out of this whole thing is that I will not discontinue being real because that’s how I am. I will not compromise myself for anyone. I will never submit to the demands of anyone and I will never apologize for being me.

If being honest backfires on myself, I have no one, but myself to blame. The issues at hand are the way it is, but to question myself and my self being, is definitely not ever going to be in the works when I know for a fact I’ve done nothing wrong. But, let me assure you, for the times I’m at definite and utter fault, I’ll be sure to own up to those mistakes. Trust me. Believe what you read when I say I will.

I hope that this day turns around because I’m super not having it today. One thing I have to add, the sucky thing about being a Gemini is that there is a true optimistic and pessimistic side. Catch me on a good day because the pessimism in me isn’t fun.

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