The Beauty Department

Obsessed with all things fashion and beauty? Need beauty questions answered? Consider Lauren Conrad’s latest site your guide to all things beauty. The Beauty Department is my favorite go-to website. There’s always something new and refreshing to look at or read about. I can say I’ve definitely learned a lot. Lauren Conrad collaborates with two of her good friends who happen to be beauty experts. They share everything from hair, make-up, nails, to wardrobe. The latest trends are also featured on their site and I can’t help but always wanting to go back for more. The simplicity of their site make it very user friendly. Even the design and soft colors of the site keep me interested. The site is easy on the eyes and gives a great deal of information. They even have a youtube channel for tutuorials ( Don’t forget to bookmark tab their site because for sure you’ll get hooked like I did!


What’s your all-time favorite go-to website? 

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