Bad Texters

Since I’m in a ranting mood, I might as well address – Bad Texters.

Don’t you hate when you try to get a quick answer or not even quick persay, but just an answer from someone through text, but they neverrrr respond? Then you have more stuff to say to them, so you end up texting a gripload of messages right after the other, making you look like a crazy person.

I can’t help, but be annoyed with how lazy some people are with responding to messages. I don’t mind if they’re super late and finally answer, but not getting an answer at all is wack. And then, there’s those texts that you don’t even know how to respond to. Sometimes I can’t read context very well, so I might take it as a bit of sarcasm. I can’t help but assume, especially if I don’t know you very well. What also annoys me is that fact that some people can’t be straight up about whether they can hang out or not. I don’t mind someone responding, “Hey I won’t be able to make it or I’m not feelin’ it tonight,” rather than get no response at all. Laggers bug the shit out of me. And I never claim perfection. Know that I slip sometimes too. But I’m trying to change the things I don’t like within myself. These may be some of things you’re thinking, but don’t normally say.

Unfortunately, JP isn’t super great with texting back unless it’s for his work, but somehow I always end up having to text him a grip of messages because a new thought comes to mind and he hasn’t yet responded to the other ones. But, when at work, I completely understand how laggish his responses are because he’s busy.

I dislike one word texts, but at the same time lately, I’ve been doing it. LOL, Okay, KK… they’re all the same to me. Preferably I’d rather not get a text response back than a one word text. But lately, I think I’m not minding it as much anymore because it’s reassurance to me that they got my messages.

What are some examples of bad texters you guys have had?

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