An urge, a will, a motive

An update with my life without Twitter. It takes some getting used to, but I think I’ve lightly enjoyed not having my Twitter account anymore. Having deleting it two times has only made me realize how addicted to social networking I am. Sure, I may be one of the first to admit that, but I’m almost positive many are thinking it.

As mentioned in a previous post, I felt that less tweeting would only resort to more blogging. You could be the judge of that.

Finding less motivation to tweet has made me feel indifferent because that “urge” isn’t as strong as before. Sometimes I think of something to tweet, but realize nah, what for? Controlling what I say via online is empowering. I’ve realized, not everyone needs to know how I feel at every moment in time. I do still have my facebook, but it’s getting old to me too, so that “urge” to post is diminishing as well too. If anything I feel like facebook is a way to make other people feel insecure. How much more negatively do I feel after browsing through facebook? More than I did before I logged on. I’m not saying it controls my mentality all the time, but I’m not saying it’s quite the ego-booster either. It’s fun for keeping in touch with those who are too lazy to make a phone call or text.

It gives my life a little bit more of a mysterious motive. To know that people don’t know what I’m thinking or doing at every minute in time makes me feel like I have the upper hand in life. A bit over exaggerated, but the feelings are true.

Even if I have resorted to blogging at least I’m exercising my passion for writing and rambling is one of my favorite types.

Knockin' out the negativity in my life.

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