Doggy Energy

My obsession with Dog Whisperer has grown and my love for dogs has never been more obvious. I love my dogs and they’re pretty much my life. It’s funny to me how much I love dogs so much more now than I ever have in my entire life. The thing is, I always had a love for dogs, but I never knew it would grow in the way that it has.

Yesterday JP and I finally made a stop at Petco to buy Kahlua a new dog tag. It has been long awaited, but I feel much more relieved that he has one now. And he looks so handsome with it. I haven’t gotten the chance to post an newer photo of the way my dogs look now.

Kahlua at 7 months now

He’s grown so much since I first blogged about him. I’ve learned so much from Dog Whisperer, but some things I’ve learned from my best friend or boyfriend. A lot of it is common sense and a lot of it is still a learning process. We finally bought a muzzle because Kahlua and Roxie don’t control their barking when encountering new faces, dogs and people. I admit, they need to be taken out more often because their behavior outside of the home is way different. It’s like all their discipline goes away and they don’t listen to me.

“If you want to know how you are feeling just look at your dog,” Ceasar Milan said on one of his episodes. Dogs are all about energy and it’s true what he says about them detecting how you feel. Showing your fear for the dogs only heightens their anticipation and they sense the fear. Dogs that aren’t disciplined pretty much take control of a situation and own their owners. Roxie and Kahlua know when I’m mad at them and they are afraid of me, the way it should be. I never laid a hand on them to discipline them and they are obedient. The only thing that I’m still learning to teach them is to stay calm around new people and dogs. They tend to not listen to me when we’re outside of the house. It’s a work in progress!

I will update with new things that I learn. (:

Happy Roxie !


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