Consistency is Key

There’s never a balance when it comes to me. I know that some days I feel extremely happy and other days I feel really down.

I have a problem with consistency. This realization came to me a couple days ago. Okay, I always knew I had a problem with being consistent, but it’s really showing more as I get older. I like to work out and stay in shape, but I have a problem with sticking to the plan. I always liked to think of myself as spontaneous and what not or “going with the flow.” Sticking to a plan gets boring and I get bored fast. I’d like to think that I do things differently, but in reality it’s not that much different the next time.

As the summer days near an end, I find myself gravitating closer and closer to reality The reality of life, where this fun and games can’t happen anymore. I knew this day would come and now business means business. I want to end my last semester with a bang and my confidence has grown since last semester because I achieved all A’s and B’s. This is the studious person I knew I’ve always been capable of. Consistency is key. I practically lived in the library. And I started off working out in the Rec Center in the beginning of the semester, but this semester I hope I can squeeze to continuously work out. I hope my laziness doesn’t bite me in the ass like always.

Eating right is one of the most difficult things to do. I know that you have to find it deep within yourself to exercise and eat right, but it’s easier said than done. We started Insanity for 3 days and already stopped. So much for effort. On the 2nd day, I threw up. JP feels like Insanity is really hard and for him to say that is a lot. But we’re just being lazy because I know we’re capable of completing it. We’re just too comfortable with each other and don’t feel the need to do it, but a healthier lifestyle is key to a happy life! Hahah.

Note to self: Don’t give up!

2 thoughts on “Consistency is Key

  1. I often have problems with consistency in my motivation levels, too, but this really is one of the greatest keys to success. I try to work hard and ahead on the days I am feeling well, so if I slip the other days, I have a little wiggle room.

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